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About the ColorBinge Team
Who are Frank and Tamara?
Frank Plughoff and Tamara Cameron live in San Francisco "out by the beach". They have both worked as graphic designers (back in the day) and are both certified health coaches. 

Frank, in addition to being a manager at a huge printshop, is an artist. He loves making things with his hands and has created some beautiful 3-D artwork. He is also a musician and enjoys playing with his synthesizer and his latest toy, a SlapStick, which he purchased at the Maker Fair. 

Tamara, when not assisting people with getting on the road to optimal health, enjoys gardening (both inside and out), does hot yoga three or four days each week, plans events every once in a while and enjoys riding her bike. She is also the ColorBinge web lackey, with lots of input from Frank. 

They both love to cook, hike, travel and take long walks on the beach. They start each day with a cup of coffee and conversation in bed. 
Why ColorBinge?
A while back, Tamara found a Facebook page through a friend where people were coloring. She loves being creative and really missed having a creative outlet, which, of course, she mentioned on Facebook. That evening, Frank, who had seen her post, brought home some large mandalas and a set of Primacolor pencils. (Yes, he's really that sweet.) She gave it a go. It was SO much fun to color! And, super-relaxing. The health coach in her immediately recognized both the relaxation benefit and the increased joy she felt from the visual stimulation of the colors and the act of coloring.

A couple nights later, after Frank got home from a super-stressful day at work, Tamara convinced him to let her hook him up to the blood-pressure cuff (yes, they have one) while he colored. She measured his blood pressure before he started, after 15 minutes and after 30 minutes. As Tamara suspected, Frank's blood pressure dropped dramatically! His systolic blood pressure dropped by 12 points and his diastolic blood pressure dropped 
by 8. 

That just made coloring double-cool! 

While drinking coffee in bed the next morning, they talked about how easy it would be to create their own mandalas. And maybe even share them. That evening ColorBinge was born! And we've been designing ever since!

Tamara does most of the designing because Frank has a full-time job, but Frank is there in the background, everyday, lending his magical knowledge and teaching Tamara all the tips and tricks that he has known for years. 

Go Team!

Tamara's first mandala, colored by Frank.

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